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Feature Film
2024 Manic Intoner The Correspondent Pop Family Entertainment, Kriv Stenders

2023 Dr Raj Gupta Stage 5 Aryavision Pictures, Eddie Arya
2018 Osama bin Laden A War Story Making Movies, NZ, John Laing
2010 Joe Worlds Apart Midnight Sun Films / Indianic Pictures, Shant Sarkissian

2024 Behrouz Bay of Fires (Season 2) Silver City Productions, Jonathan Brough
2022 Behrouz Bay of Fires (Season 1) West Coast Productions, Natalie Bailey / Wayne Blair
2019 Dr Phillips The Secrets She Keeps Lingo Pictures, Jennifer Leacey

2019 Pedestrian Total Control Blackfella Films, Rachel Perkins
2018 Ayoub Bite Club Playmaker, Jennifer Leacey
2016 Mr. Kali Hyde & Seek Matchbox Pictures, David Caesar

2014 Mr. E 4 Corners: The Manus Solution ABC TV, Geoff Thompson
2011 Samir Foreign Correspondent: The Pied Piper of Yemen ABC TV, Trevor Bormann / Geoffrey Lye

2010 Amin Khoder EAST WEST 101 (Series 3) Knapman Wyld, Peter Andrikidis
2008 Amin Khoder EAST WEST 101 (Series 2) Knapman Wyld, Peter Andrikidis
2004 Azziz Haddad All Saints Seven Network, Catherine Millar
1999 Philip Sabatini All Saints Seven Network,
1996 George Bleuler House Radical TV, Sandra Campbell

Short Film
2019 Dad The Worst JMC / Lisa Ho, Sharon Mani
2014 Hussein My Name Is Faten LMA, Bahjat Alaadel
2012 Hazem Just Another Day iFSS, Omar Khairat
2011 Ismael Beneath the Veil Blue Caspian Pictures, Parisa Maria Mardeen
2009 Dr Hafiz bin Ibrahim Bani Ibrahim VCA Grad Film, Raihan Harun
2009 Anthony Blood On Blood Caffcy Films, Michael Samer
2009 Man Rabbit-Carrot-Gun Jessica Fallico

2008 Harry The Pizza Reminiscent Films / NSWFTO, Johnny Tran
2008 Solomon Squalor Dogfight Films, Paul Barakat
2000 Husband / Lover The Sixth Commandment dead! Productions, Andrew Pelizzari

1999 Visually Impaired / Sketcher / Trannie Watching Fools Foolish Films, Jon-Claire Lee
1997 Taxi Driver A Fare To Remember, Peter Meredith
1990 William Homecoming, Vincent Buckley

2023 Prospero This Rough Magic The Street Theatre, Beng Oh
2022 Prospero Barren Ground First Seen Two The Street Theatre, Anna Johnson
2022 Rami / Various Indiscriminate Act (workshop), Michael Futcher
2020 Prospero Barren Ground First Seen The Street Theatre, Nicky Tyndale-Biscoe

2008 Doctor Qari Shah Homebody/Kabul B Sharp / Sam Hawker & Tangent Productions, Christopher Hurrell
2008 Kebab Man The Last Highway (Sydney Festival) Urban Theatre Projects, Alicia Talbot
1999 Host Toons on Vacation (Qatar) Millenium Entertainment, Nick Larkin (Prod)
1999 Host Summer Holiday (Saudi Arabia) Millenium Entertainment, Nick Larkin (Prod)

1998 The Keeper Mirage Horizon Theatre, Antoinette Slabacu
1997 Harlequin Harlequin & Columbine Horizon Theatre, Maddy Slabacu

1996 Infant/Teen/Adult Wasted Horizon Theatre / Sydney Fringe Festival, Maddy Slabacu
2023 Funeral Hero TAL A Day In This Beautiful Australian Life Finch, Christopher Riggert
2022 Dad McDonalds Huddle Up Revolver, Gary Freedman
2021 Dad ANZ Personal Loans Fixed Rate TBWA, Brian Patto
2021 Husband Freeview Australia There's Always A Good Time: Inspiration Marshlandia, Andrew Marsh

2021 French Passport Controller FreeStyle Libre 2: Now You Know Exit Anomaly, Mark Molloy
2019 IGA Store Manager IGA: Cherries - They're Ready! The Core Agency, Graeme Burfoot
2019 Lead Businessman NEOM - Celebrating Business, Tada, Lester Jones

2019 Dad Afterpay: Dadvice Entropico / Slik, Harry Hunter
2018 Insomniac/Smoothie Drinking Guy Blackmores - Be A Well Being Revolver / The Monkeys, Leilani Croucher

2008 Storyteller SBS Promo - Six Billion Stories and Counting Curious Films, Derek Henderson
1996 Waiter Nissan Working Girl
1995 Coach - Hero Mr Juicy / Pepsi (Middle East) Wiseguys, Singapore,
1993 Hypochondriac Discovery Health Adventist Media, Iann Gibbs
1991 Fangio Toyota Celica 

2023 Dominic Voluntary Assisted Dying (NSW) HETI Jeff Flood
2021 Dad YouTube Connected TV Entropico Joey Hunter
2001 No Satisfaction Man The Leadership Factory  

1998 Fasil Centrelink Training Video, Greg Punch

2021 Husband Google Safer With Google: Chrome Red Door Paul Blackmore
2021 Dad ANZ Personal Loans Fixed Rate TBWA James Horan
2006 Hero Western Union Money Transfers etcom, Andreas Smetana

2006 Dad Integral Energy etcom, Joshua Dasey
2006 Hero Western Union Gold Card, etcom, Andreas Smetana


2020 - 10 week Katherine Beck 90 day American Accent Freeway
2020 - 1 day Tim Paige Shakespeare
2020 - 1 day Miranda Harcourt Text & Thought
2020 - 1 day Marilyn McIntyre Emotional Courage
2020 - 2 day Lisa Robertson Masterclass - scene study (audit)
2019 - 1 day  Gabriella Maselli-McGrail TVC workshop 
2019 - 2 day  Serhat Caradee Actor-Director Relationship 
2019 -1 day - Kyle Rowling Unarmed Stage Combat
2019 - 1 day  Barbara Robertson Alexander Technique
2014 - 8 week  Dave Newman Audition Workshop
2014 - 8 week  Kate Gaul Theatre Workshop
2014 - 1 day  Miranda Harcourt Masterclass Step 2 - Character & Self
2014 - 1 day  Miranda Harcourt Masterclass Step 1
2011 - 1 day  Nico Lathouris Acting Praxis
2009 - 6 week  Lee Lewis Advanced Acting Class
2009 - 1 day Kate Woods Acting Masterclass
2005 -1 week  AFTRS / Billy Marshall Stoneking The Drama of Screenwriting
1998  Horizon Theatre Company Puppetry
1997-1998  Horizon Theatre Company 

1997-1998  Commedia dell'arte Horizon Theatre Company
1992-1993  Monroe Reimers - Vantage Theatre Company 

1992 - 1993  Shakespeare Monroe Reimers - Vantage Theatre Company 
1991 - 1992  Voice Monroe Reimers - Vantage Theatre Company
1990 - 1999  Sydney Talent Company School Film & TV Workshops 
1989-1990  Lionel Long Conservatory Stanislavski Method


2009 - AFI Best Guest or Supporting Actor in a Television Drama nominee - East West 101 (Season 2)


Bachelor of Arts (Key Program in Psychology), Western Sydney University (2015-2017)
Dean's Medal for Outstanding Scholarship 2018
Dean's Merit List 2017
Dean's Merit List 2016

Dean's Merit List 2015

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